Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Frida & Her Parrot

Her own Frida parrot that I made for her

Have you had enough of Frida, yet?

Made with love for my own Fridita

Well sorry, she's become a new obsession with R and I. I had almost forgot about her other little birthday present that I made for her. Her very own pet parrot, just like Frida had.

A chunky parrot

Have you seen Frida's self-portrait with her parrots? Well that inspired me to make this cute, super fast little parrot amigurumi for my own Fridita.

Frida portrait with her parrot

The pattern is free from Lion Brand. And sure, it's a little chubby and funny looking...but R was very happy to have her own "pet parrot".

Fredo- Frida's amigurumi parrot

I had not realized that with the parrot completed that I have made a bird type amigurumi for each of my maniacs. They noticed that right away and made me take a photo of them with all their birds - or 1 parrot and 3 owls, to be precise.

Handmade stuffed birdies

I love that my maniacs still appreciate handmade gifts. I hope they always will.


  1. Adorable. I have not yet delved into the world of amigurumi, but have the pattern for a Dora-type doll which a three-year old friend of mine will be quite pleased to receive if I pull it off. Have your attempts all been successful and pretty easy?

  2. Hello! Your 'Frida' is beautiful and you have made adorable parrot!
    Thank you for your comment! Teje

  3. Oh, so cute! And your daughter is gorgeous in that fabulously embroidered blouse!
    P.S. Thank you for stopping by!