Thursday, February 3, 2011

Frida says "Thank You" and the Mad Artist, too!

Frida Kahlo party thank you notes

I must say, the thank you notes for both artist birthday parties got out pretty quickly this year. For S's thank yous, I visited one of my favorite sites - Activity Village - to print off some cool stationary for his notes. They have some of the best printables for kids around. And for once he didn't complain about writing the notes.

For R's thank yous, I decided to use these fabulous notebooking pages and cursive copywork pages from Jimmie's Collage (you'll find the links for them at the bottom of the post. If you have been reading about the Frida party, you'll remember that I had used mucho information from Jimmie's Collage's Frida Kahlo artist study lesson to help talk to the girls about Frida and her art.

I am so grateful for finding such wonderful artist resources on the internet and at the library. I could not have made these two parties such fun without those generous and inspiring people out in cyberspace and those who author such great artist books for kids.

...Erika of MikoDesign for the original Frida party idea
...Lisa, of Mon Petite Enfant, who was also inspired by Erika's party and in turn inspired our party
...Jimmie, of Jimmie's Collage, who had great Frida art study links, Frida notebooking and copy work pages and a wonderful way of talking to young girls about Frida's art
...Frida Kahlo: The Artist Who Painted Herself (Smart about art series) by Margaret Frith R's favorite book about Frida, told in the form of a book report by a young girl)
...The Art Explorers series of books by Joyce Raimondo, HANDS-DOWN our favorite group of books on both artist study as well as artist activities. Between R's party & S's party we probably used an activity or were inspired by an activity from each book in this series.
...Picasso: Breaking all the Rules by True Kelley (Smart about Art series) used to show pictures and tell about Picasso's history at The Mad Artist Party
...Andy Warhol by Mike Venezia(Getting to Know the World's Great Artist - another good series)
...Jackson Pollack by Mike Venzia
...Deep Space Sparkle (one of my FAVORITE art teacher blogs) for a great lesson on Picasso's portraits
...Art Projects for Kids (one of my other FAVORITE art teacher blogs) for another Picasso face lesson

So, I guess this is my thank you note, too!

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