Saturday, January 15, 2011

The Birthday Parties

S turning 8 at his Mad Artist Party

For the past few years, I have been toying with the idea of the Big Kids' having an artist party....where they kinda "study" an artist and then make some of their own art in the same style. It would satisfy my "need-to-teach" desire with my "need-to-make-art" desire, and I thought the kids would really enjoy it.

But we have not had a Kids' party for R and S since they were 3 years old. We always have a family party, of course, but we've done some family birthday activities for the past several years instead of parties. Since they are twins, the idea of planning a big birthday party so close after Christmas (their birthday is Jan 14th) has literally made me start to hyperventilate. Why? You may ask. BECAUSE I AM A FREAK!

More resources for the Mad Artist party

Yep, that is why. I CANNOT - seriously - CANNOT!!! - plan a simple, normal, cake and presents party. There is nothing wrong with a simple party, mind you, I just do not have that gene in my BODY that let's me stop at SIMPLICITY.

Girls' Portraits from Frida Kahlo Party

Soooooo, back to the parties...oh yes, partIES, as in more than one, "we want our own separate parties this year Mommmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.....". So basically, since they were forcing us to have TWO birthday parties RIGHT AFTER CHRISTMAS, I got to decide the theme. HAhahahahahahah!! Okay, not exactly, I gently persuaded them, convinced them, showed them the light, of an artist themed party. Really, it wasn't that difficult to persuade them, once I told them they could have friends over to make art with them AND they got presents and birthday cake!

Stenciling the bags for the Mad Artist Party

Yikes, this is becoming a long story.

I started planning the parties BEFORE Christmas, which was essential to my not starting out 2011 by hyperventilating. They decided that S could have his party first (partially because some of the friends we invited had date constraints - and after all he is "five minutes older" as he likes to share frequently). And R would have hers the weekend after.

Some of my resources for the Mad Artist party

I got some books from the library, perused my favorite art teacher blogs and came up with some ideas. I thought Hot Rod would really enjoy some of the more modern male artists with their abstract ideas and bright, bold colors and movements and also some of the pop art styles. So we discussed Van Gogh (who has been his favorite artist for a few years now), and Pollack and Warhol and Picasso and a few other artists within their movements. He became quite enamored of some of their artwork and noticed that most of them were a bit,well.... ....crazy....different.......adventurous.....yep, MAD. So the Mad Artist Birthday party was conceived, and I started working on the specifics.

Mad Artist Photo Shoot 3

For R, I had known for quite a while the artist I wanted to introduce her to....thanks to this FABULOUS birthday party conceived by Erika at Mikodesign. Since I discovered this series of blog posts last year, I have wanted to have a Frida Kahlo party for girls. I thought maybe sometime I would just do a summer camp class on her for R and her friends or something like that, but when the birthday party plan came up, I knew that it was destined to be a Frida birthday!

Frida Kahlo Photo Shoot 1

Okay, that's how these crazy parties came to stay tuned, and I will give you all the wild and wacky details.

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