Saturday, January 22, 2011

The Mad Artist Party Part 3 - The Zines

Party favors - Hand stenciled bags & zines

Lately I have developed a fascination for zines. Okay, an obsession. And this was the one aspect of both parties that I REALLY, REALLY wanted to complete. I don't know why...possibly because I was drunk with creative power by then...or going insane...take your pick.

S's Mad Artist Party Zine -Cover

I asked Hot Rod to draw, paint or come up with some designs in the manner of one of the artists we were studying. I also printed off some artwork from the artist's to inspire him. He hemmed and hawed and rolled his eyes (while his twin sister was dutifully doing what I asked for HER artist party). Then he tossed these pictures at me and at first I didn't understand. It looked like he had sketched these crazy figures with these small Picasso images. For a moment, I thought he was an art prodigy and then I realized the Picasso part of the picture was the exact same size as the print outs I had given to him for inspiration!! What a stinker! But, the more I looked at them, the cooler his pictures became. I traced over them in black marker to make them easier to copy and by then I had realized that he had placed the Picasso's within his own artwork and that was darn creative.

So, here's Hot Rod's artist holding the Camel:
S's artwork with Picasso's Camel

And Hot Rod's artist holding Don Q:
S's artwork with Picasso's Don Q

These two pictures became the start of The Mad Artist Zine.

S's Mad Artist Party Zine -Pages 1-2
S's Mad Artist Party Zine Pages 3-4
S's Mad Artist Party Zine pages 5-6
S's Mad Artist Party Zine pages 7-8
S's Mad Artist Party Zine pages 9-10
S's Mad Artist Party Zine -Back Cover

I only have a lowly (and quite old pc) so I am a bit embarrassed to say how I put these zines together - they are a hodge podge of excel and word documents, scanned photos and artwork and cut and paste items. Somehow it came together. That is why I LOVE ZINES!!

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  1. OMG! This looks like the coolest Birthday EVER!!