Saturday, January 22, 2011

The Mad Artist Party Part 4 - The Activities

The Mad Artist sans mustache

In the vein of The Mad Artists, I had three art activities planned (the third one was only a just-in-case because I didn't think we would get to it). When the boys arrived, we sat down or a few minutes while I told them a bit about some of our mad artists. I explained to them about how revolutionary some of these artists were and how they changed the way much of the world saw art and how we can all value our own work no matter what it looks like, as long as we put our heart and soul into it like these "Mad Artists" did. We also talked about some of the techniques Van Gogh and Pollack used, and how Picasso was able to paint into his 90s (right up until the day before he died), and how Warhol could even take other artwork and then make it his own with a different artistic method. I showed them original artwork from these wonderful books and from some on-line clip art and used some ideas from my favorite art teacher blogs.

More resources for the Mad Artist party
Some of my resources for the Mad Artist party

And then, before they got too antsy in their seats. I had them create a mad lib with a story I made up about a school field trip to the art museum. You can imagine,I'm sure, that the mad lib was laced with "farts" and other wonderful boy words like "itchy", "booger" and "stinky". But they laughed at the artist references and were almost rolling on the floor by the end of my reading.

Mad Artist Party Mad-Lib

Okay, off to the art activities. First off, I let them pick a Mad Artist Mustache and gave them a pair of silly Mad Artist Glasses and made them pose for a Mad Artist photo for me.

G-Man posing as a Mad Artist
Big A posing as a Mad Artist
D-Dude posing as a Mad Artist
(Sorry, they're a bit blurry because I was laughing too hard!)

The glasses and mustache went into their bags when they finished posing. Then we went outside and asked them to "channel their inner Pollack" and splatter away. Ross had cut some screen for them and we had brushes of all shapes and sizes and toothbrushes and of course, the drip straight from the bottle method was also employed.

Splatter Crew II

They started out easy....and the colors were lovely...

Cool effect with the screen & toothbrush
Very pretty colors....
Splatter away

and then they let their inner boy-ness come out and they jumped in with their fingers and hands.....oh my.

Very cool scraping effect with screen
Whole hand painting was involved too
S's painting

S took the splatter effect to the extreme...
S putting the ACTION into action painting...
The splatter effect

Honestly, I did not limit S's guest list to only four (making it five boys total with S), he made the guest list himself. But boy, during this activity, five was JUST RIGHT.

They just couldn't stop

We used an old table cloth and performed this activity on the back patio. We tried to get the boys to temper their zealous color mixing (which mostly created black) but their Pollack personas were having none of our interference and we soon realized that the Mad Artists could not, and should not, be tamed.

There was A LOT of paint involved

Needless to say. It took several days for these babies to dry.

The Splatter Aftermath

The next activity was taken from this book. I had some scratch foam that I had cut into 4x6 inch pieces and instructed the boys on using blunt pencils to press an image. Then we used some acrylic paint and brayers (next time I will spring for the more viscous printing ink instead) and had them make a repeated print of their image in different colors. Kinda Andy Warhol-ish.....

Rolling the brayers
Making prints
My SHINE pop art print

After this, the other two (WONDERFUL) moms who were helping and myself, were pretty much DONE with paint and young boys. So we moved on to food and presents and cake. (The other activity I had on hand involved cutting and pasting a Picasso face, with magazine images. We're saving that for a later date, as we really didn't need it this afternoon). Stay tuned for the food!

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  1. It was a great party and I love that Drew's broken finger made one of the pics. We'll always remember that chaotic week full of drama and then some seriously needed fun with good friends. :)