Sunday, January 23, 2011

The Mad Artist Party Part 5 - The Food

Picasso Pizza fixins

Ross had made some pizza dough and cut up an array of topping ingredients. The boys each made their own Picasso face pizza that cooked in the oven while we finished our printmaking and started the present opening. The gifts were very generous and it was sweet to hear how the boys picked things out with S in mind.

Picasso Pizza Preparation

The pizzas were yummy and quickly consumed and we brought out the Modern Art cupcakes that Grandma W made. If you can see the designs, some of them have Pollack splatters and some have Mondrian type colors and designs and Kandinsky shapes. I think you can tell by his face that S had a great time.

Blowing out the candles
Blowin' Hard!

When it was time for the boys to go home we loaded up their party favor bag with their personal Mad Artist Zine, crocheted crazy mustache, coke-bottle glasses and their artwork to take home (except for the splatter painting which continued to dry OUTSIDE! - we delivered those a few days later).

Party favors - Hand stenciled bags & zines

But before they left, we got a few more memorable photos of these laughing "Mad Artists".

Mad Artists posing for photos
Two satisfied Mad Artists
Crazy Mad Artists

It was a great party. And our Mad Artist was happy!

Truly he's a Mad Artist

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