Monday, February 21, 2011

My Craft Guinea Pigs

I love art sharing!

Lukey & Peelu have become my craft guinea pigs on several projects now. I know if they can manage that kids a bit older should not have any problems with the craft activity.

Digging away at all the found object treasures

Here we are making some Found Object Necklaces in anticipation of a class we will be teaching next week at the 4-H Idea Fair. Here was my example for the kids:

My Found Object Necklace

Basically, the kids will be attaching crafty objects I have rolling (literally) around my craft room.

Very methodical

Luke approached his art project very slowly and very thoughtfully this day.

Lukey slowly working on his collages

But he was pleased with his finished result.

Luke's Finished Found Object Necklace

Peelu just grabbed the glue and went for it.

Peelu's Found Object Necklace

No fear as she was creating! She has a thing with the eyes, doesn't she? I am sure that means something deep and profound in her psyche, or possibly twisted and weird...

Finishing her found object collages

She couldn't stop herself and asked for more stuff to collage I found some wood shapes they could glue onto and make into magnets. Peelu's was a hand....with lots of eyes.....?????

Peelu's Magnet

And Luke's was a sweet heart he made for his sister...

For his big sister

I hope the older kids have as much fun with this project!

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