Sunday, February 20, 2011

My Frida Bag

My new library book bag

R has been bugging me to paint the back of her Frida bag. She wanted it to say Frida's motto (Viva La Vida). So since I had to get the fabric paints out again, I decided to paint my Frida bag too.

The front of MY Frida bag

These larger and sturdier canvas bags are some that a dear friends got for me a few years ago. I've been wanting to paint on them to make a set of cool grocery totes. So I thought I'd try a Frida on them first. I enlarged the image I used for the party bags and got to stenciling. However, the material is very nice on these bags but it has a slight ridge and that made my paint blur on the edges of the stencil. So I will have to re-think some of the designs I wanted to paint on the other bags....or try some other tricks. I still think she turned out okay, but a bit blurry.

My lovely Frida bag

And here's the pretty colors that R picked.

Stenciling the back of her Frida bag

We are so going to be the coolest chicks carting our books around the library!

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