Monday, February 28, 2011

Paper Clip Doll Necklace -Idea Fair Craft 2011

Very cute paper clip doll necklace

This craft was actually just an extra, just-in-case craft I threw in with the clothespin dolls. But it became a big hit in it's own self. We made these cute "angel necklaces" at Christmastime and since I still had a bunch of paper clips and beads for the heads and ribbon, I just brought those along to the craft class. We set them up by the clothespin dolls and......

Paper Clip doll necklace.. you can see, the kids added to the simple bead head and paper clip body design to make some really cute necklaces. They used the "accessory" supplies from the clothespin dolls to make hair, headbands, capes, etc.

Another cute paper clip doll neclace

Super cute, right?

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