Thursday, February 10, 2011

Peelu's First School Valentines

I first saw this cute idea on Mustard Seeds via The Crafty Crow. I saved it away for future use because....I mean...really....what a perfect valentine for a kid who has a woodoworker as a father and a craft freak as her mother? Peelu obviously agreed and chose this as her valentine this year and we decided to make them into necklaces.

Pretty sparkly hearts

She's helped make valentines before and her artwork has graced many a heart...but these are OFFICIAL...the REAL DEAL...she's a school girl now and has to step up her Valentine Crafty Game!

Wood coins cut and drilled by Papa

We started out with some leftover tree branches from our backyard pruning. Ross cut them into wooden coin shapes, about 3/4 inch thick or so. Then he drilled a hole through the top.

Pretty even before being painted

Then I tied some sparkly red yarn on...

Getting ready to paint

Peelu picked out her paint colors and I sketched a heart on each wood coin for her.

Drawing the hearts

Then she started painting away...

Painting on her hearts
Trynig to stay in the lines...
She's very proud of her hard work

Some of the hearts were a bit blobby and I helped her put on a second coat....

Look at them all

...but dang....they turned out CUTE! The kids and parents raved about them at preschool. And one super precious little boy has worn his every day (according to his mom). I love giving a valentine that can stick around.

Valentine's for sweet little preschoolers
Pretty painted valentine hearts

They look pretty cute on the valentine giver herself too...

The wooden love necklace valentines
She wrote her name on the back of this one...

We all just LOVE this craft and have in mind to make more necklaces with other painted designs...or maybe Sharpie marker sketches...or maybe collaged items.....the possibilities are endless. And I have a feeling we will be keeping Ross and his saw busy.

Peelu's super cute valentine necklaces


  1. This is waaaaaaaay cute!! I'd love for you to come link up at TGIF kid oriented linky party - - I know my readers would love it too!! Have a GREAT weekend,
    Beth =-)

  2. Original! This are so cute. Thank you for sharing. "Wood" it be possible for me to share a link about this to you on my new blog, next week? gina at

    1. Thanks everyone! Gina - yes, please feel free to share a link. And Beth I will try to make it over to link up. Peelu is very happy ya'll love her valentines!