Friday, February 11, 2011

R's Dino-Mite Valentines

Dino-Mite necklaces

These Valentine's have started a crafty obsession at our house.

All strung up!

We are now making necklaces out of every plastic toy we can find! Here's how it started...

A Pile o' Dinos

I saw a photo on flickr a few years ago that gave me the idea. But darned if I can't find it now! Basically, you screw a small screw eye into the top of a small plastic toy. String it on a necklace, or just a use a ball chain necklace like we did....and there you have it.

They're coming..

I thought this would make a super cute necklace for Valentine's Day, along with a little tag that says, "You're Din-Mite!".

These valentines were a HUGE hit!

I thought for sure that S would jump at this valentine idea...but he didn't. And R thought it was super it became her school valentine to give out.

The Dino-Mite Valentines...

They were such a big hit in the classroom that almost every kid had put their necklace on by the time the valentine party was over. They were so easy to make too. We are now grabbing all of our little plastic toys and making necklaces faster than you can say "Give me more eye screws!"

So cool!

We are nothing if not fashion trendsetters here! Hahahahahhaaaaaa

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