Saturday, February 12, 2011

S's Yarny Heart Valentines

S's finished valentines

Now it was S's turn to decide on his home made valentine design. I thought for sure he was going to go for the Dino-Mite necklaces. But he's been a yarny boy lately so we shouldn't have been surprised that he picked this cool wrapped heart valentine.

Pink version of S's valentines

As you can see, he made a red version for the dudes and a pink version for the girls. I found this idea on a very cool new web site, Family Chic, via The Crafty Crow.

S's hearts all bent into shape....

We started out with the textured floral wire, that we bent into a heart shape. Then I cut off pre-measured lengths of the sparkly yarn for S to use on each heart. Then as he neared the end of the yarn, we tied it off and made a loop. We called them "LOVE Dream Catchers". We added little scroll banners that S cut out and wrote his Valentine greeting on and then tucked in between the yarn. His dad, of course, had to impress all of us by making some into a "real" dream catcher like design. Those fancy shmancy ones went to the teachers.

Papa had to get in on this action too...

They turned out very pretty and the kids in class thought they were pretty cool.

They turned out so pretty

A perfect crazy wrapped valentine for my crazy wrapped boy!

Crazy Love

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  1. These are way cute! I blogged about you if you wanna see :)