Friday, February 18, 2011

Vintage Valentines for Some Vintage Folks

Valentines made for assisted living visit #4

I am a 4-H leader for a Dog Project club. This is our 12th year with our club and for most of those 12 years, we have made an annual trip to a local assisted-living facility around Valentine's Day. Our club makes handmade valentines at a prior meeting and then we meet at the facility with (or without) our 4-H project dogs. The members (and oftentimes, whole families) love to pass out the valentines, talk with the residents and show their dogs off.

This community service ALWAYS has a big impact on the members and families and of course, the residents and staff of the facility ALWAYS make a big deal for our visit and so obviously appreciate our time and efforts. For the past 3 years, I have also taken my own maniacs along for the visit. It is a joy to watch all of our kids (our members and my own kids) visit and share their vitality with our "vintage" hosts. Every visit brings tears to my eyes (and I am not the only one).

This past club meeting we ran a bit out of time and we couldn't get quite as many valentines made ahead of time by the club. I had the valentine makings spread across our table at home and I was lamenting about needing to find some time to make some more so we had enough to pass out.

Valentines made for assisted living visi #3

That's all I had to lovely, sweet 8 year old maniac took it upon herself to make a whole bunch more valentines for the residents. That made my heart smile.

Valentines made for assisted living visit #2

These vintage valentines that we had printed from One Pretty Thing and The Crafty Crow were so much fun to use. R particularly loved the designs and sweet sentiments. She cracked herself up over the corny jokes on some of them and then kept repeating the jokes to us over and over and over again.... But her talents were very much appreciated by myself, the other 4-Hers and the residents who oohed and ahhhed over her cards. I think the one below is my favorite because......who wouldn't want to smell like pie?

Valentines made for assisted living visit #1

Please, please take the opportunity to visit a local assisted-living facility with your family, your girl scout club, your boy scout troop, your 4H club, the neighborhood kids....whomever. It is SO worth it for EVERYBODY.

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