Friday, February 25, 2011

Weaved Bookmark - Idea Fair Craft 2011

My weaved bookmark for demonstration

Along with the Found Object Necklaces, these burlap bookmarks were a craft we did during the same class time at this years 4-H Idea Fair. I found the idea from one of my favorite craft blogs, Art Projects for Kids. It was indeed very quick and fun, and fit just perfectly with the found object necklace to round out the 50 minute class time allotted for our first craft class at Idea Fair. The supplies were also very minimal and all something that I already had on hand:

Yarn Scraps (that we pre-cut to a more manageable size)
Yarn Needles
Burlap (cut into bookmark shape)

Lengths of yarn cut for the weaved book mark craft

I had various colors of burlap already on hand and I also used a recycled coffee bean bag from our friends' coffee shop.

Burlap cut out for bookmarks

My co-leader Danielle and a club mom showed the kids how to fray the edges of their bookmarks by pulling some of the threads. They also helped with sewing if needed, but for the most part the kids ran with the idea.

Burlap Weaved Bookmarks 3
Burlap Weaved Bookmarks 2
Burlap Weaved Bookmarks 4
Burlap Weaved Bookmarks 5

Even with so few supplies, the kids made very unique and creative bookmarks.

Burlap Weaved Bookmarks 7

Again, our Junior Leader assistants joined in on the fun and made some very creative items:
Burlap Weaved Bookmarks 9
Rosie's Bookmark

Although it looks like my maniac might be working on her weaving/hand sewing skills this summer!

My maniac...

This one is one of my favorites...because it's a rainbow, of course!

Burlap Weaved Bookmarks 10

Wait a minute, on second thought...these are my favorites....

...a grandfather brought his grandson to the Idea Fair and since we had more than enough supplies we encouraged parents, younger siblings and grandparents to jump in if they wanted. Well, this grandfather and his grandson were so excited, happily making bookmarks and found object necklaces and having a great ole time. I love watching intergenerational crafting!! The grandfather told me that his daughter's horse had just died, so he sewed the horse's name "Rascel" onto the bookmark to give to his daughter.

Burlap Weaved Bookmarks 6

Spreading craft love....that's what it's about people!!!

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