Thursday, March 10, 2011

Ashes with my girl

Ash Wednesday 3

This was my first time to make it to church on Ash Wednesday. I had to tote Peelu with me to make the noon service. There were only a few people there. And I think we knew all of them. My mom was one of the ushers. So Peelu felt pretty comfortable when Pastor asked her if she wanted the ashes on her forehead. She nodded yes with a solemn smile.

Ash Wednesday 2

Pastor had also put a long mirror against the steps for people to take a look at themselves, if they wanted to, in order to think about what you personally wanted to work on during Lent. Peelu got her ashes and pranced over to the mirror and smiled at herself and did a little dance. I started to cringe a bit and then heard the laughter behind us. Everyone, including Pastor was smiling.

Ash Wednesday 1

I think we'll try to make sure that we always get to an Ash Wednesday service from now on...

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