Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Clothespin Doll Kit Birthday Gift

Clothespin Doll Kit for birthday present

If you read the last post you know we were invited to our friend's George Washington birthday party and we made some handmade presents for gifts. Well, we were putting away our supplies from the 4-H Idea Fair craft classes and decided to add a clothespin doll kit to our friend's gifts.

Clothespin Doll Supplies 7

We already had the supplies cut out and on hand and it came together really quickly....

Clothespin Doll Supplies 6

to make a pretty fun looking craft kit.....

Clothespin Doll Supplies 5

that will hopefully bring some more creative fun....

Clothespin Doll Supplies 3

to an already creative household...

Clothespin Doll Supplies 2

As you might have guesses - this kit idea makes use of those piles....

Clothespin Doll Supplies 1
and piles and piles and piles and piles (okay maybe you don't have as many crafty bits piles as I do) of little scraps and fabric bits that you might be collecting.

Clothespin Doll Supplies 4

We also included two already made sample dolls and I culled a few photos with links from these crafty sites to give her a place to look for more ideas. All in all, it made for another great crafty kit idea that will be added to my repertoire of handmade crafty gifts for young friends.

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