Tuesday, March 8, 2011

George Washington Zine & Necklace

George Washington scrabble tile and domino necklaces

Recently we were invited to the party of a very special friend. Her birthday theme was - George Washington. Seriously. Isn't that the coolest? That an 8 year old girl would like to have a George Washington theme birthday party is awesome.

George Washington Zine -Cover

Naturally the party branched out to include the American Revolution, with many fun art ideas, activities, games and food, all inspired by George Washington and the birth of our country. So needless to say, a cool party like that deserved some cool handmade gifts as well.

George Washington Zine -Pg 1-2

We were still in "zine" mode, so we thought our friend would appreciate a cool, interactive zine on George Washington.

George Washington Zine -Pg 3-4

S made the cover with a grinning portrait of ole George.

George Washington Zine -Pg 5-6

We found a bunch of quotes attributed to George on-line.

George Washington Zine -Pg 7-8

We also found some cool education web sites that had the graphics that we used as coloring pages.

George Washington Zine - Pg 9-10

We found the awesome flag graphics and info on Mr. Nussbaum's.

George Washington Zine - Pg 10-11

We also added some interactive ideas like design your own coins...

George Washington Zine -Pg 12-13

make a portrait of Martha....

George Washington Zine -Pg 14-15

design your own paper currency....

George Washington Zine -Pg 16-17

and of course some cherry inspired recipes...

George Washington Zine - Back Cover

And R copied some lines from the Declaration of Independence for the back cover. We had a lot of fun with this zine and it came together pretty fast. You can see we also included some one-of-a kind George Washington necklaces (in the top photo). Because really, how many second grade girls have genuine George Washington jewelry to sport at recess?

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