Thursday, March 3, 2011

My Girls in their pom-pom hats

The flopsy hat girls

Remember Peelu's super cute pom-pom hat I made for her?

Pom Pom CRazies!

Well Grandma W. (my amazing crafty mom) thought it was very sweet. She looked it over one afternoon....

Pom Poms all over!

...noted the simple but ingenious construction of the Linda Permann pattern from Crochet Today and she went home.

"Puffy Hat" Girls

The next day she gave R this hat she had made for her, so that she too could "flop" on her way to school along with her little sister. As you can see, these hats are big hits in our family...

Sweet photo of my girls much so, that the girls didn't take them off all weekend - even when watching a Scooby Doo marathon!

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