Saturday, March 26, 2011

My Urban Jungle Cool Chick Hat

Can a hat make you cool?

Okay, let's round out this trio of crochet posts with a really cool hat. See, I HAVE been crocheting - just not posting as much about them as I should be!

Urban Jungle Slouch hat

It's the Urban Jungle Slouch Hat from Vickie Howell. I've been eye-ing the pattern for a while. It just seemed like it would take a long time and then I wasn't sure if I could pull of the cool slouchy factor.

Slouchy coolness

It turns out that the pattern was easier than I thought it would be. The hardest part actually was not constantly catching my hook on the puff stitches, especially because I used the recommended yarn (Caron's Simply Soft) which is a very soft, pretty and inexpensive yarn but it is prone to splitting for me.

Yes, it is too a hat!

The other reason I waited to start this pattern was (look above) how they described the way to finish off the hat. See, you ended and it looked like this big tube. This was my first time starting a hat from the band up. It scared me until I saw that somebody had linked to a video of Vickie seaming the hat closed here. Phew! That helped immensely!

Not too shabby

You can find the pattern as a free Ravelry download or on Caron's site here. She even has a cool new slouch hat the Urban Revival, that I will be checking out as well. I mean, now that I know I can slouch with the best of them, I am ALL OVER IT!

Loving my new slouch hat