Saturday, March 5, 2011

R's Dehydrator Zine

R's Dehydrator zine Cover

Yes, we are still on our zine making kick. But this is a PRICELESS example of what a fantastic hobby it can be...

R's Dehydrator zine Pg 1-2

A few days ago, Ross was looking up on-line some plans to make his own food dehydrator.

R's Dehydrator zine Pg 3-4

I am not sure where S & Peelu were, but R somehow got roped into investigating homemade dehydrators with her father.

R's Dehydrator zine Pg 5-6

I was upstairs on the computer working on our regrettably behind accounting books, but listening to their conversation on gardening and how to preserve all of our food this year.

R's Dehydrator zine Pg 7-8

A while later I heard R head over to the kitchen table and the loud "thunk" of the crayon box as she placed it on the table.

R's Dehydrator zine Pg 9-10

Then R started calling up to me..."Mama, how do you spell dehydrator"?

R's Dehydrator zine Pg 11-12

Wha??? "How do you spell vegetable" I answered her and my interest was piqued, but I had work to do....

R's Dehydrator zine Pg 13-14

Then she was quiet for about an hour or so. Then she came up to show me her "Dehydrator Book". (Which will actually be more of a zine as she plans on making copies for her cousins).

R's Dehydrator zine Back Cover

I was stunned. And amazed. It's pretty dang cool.

I love zines.

And I love creative kids.

She gave me permission to share it with you all, provided (she says) that everybody starts a garden this year and dehydrates some of their food.

So.....get digging, folks.

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  1. That's amazing! She should be very proud of that. What a creative girl!