Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Egg Carton Crafting

Pretty Spring palette

I was so in love with this beautiful egg carton flower wreath that I found via The Crafty Crow. And I decided then and there I had to make one with the kids. Well, I have not finished enough flowers yet for a whole wreath. But Peelu & Luke helped me paint a bunch of them one day. And then I was so inspired by their pretty flowers that we made up two other crafts...a yarn wreath with flowers and a flower brooch....all in time for Mother's Day. Stay tuned for those two crafts.

A pretty palette and some flowers

For now, here's the really simple explanation on how to make egg carton flowers:

1. Recycle some of your egg cartons (not styrofoam) by cutting the egg sections apart. You can also use various other parts of the carton to make other flower accents, leaves, stems or hearts as Peelu did.

Blank egg carton flowers

2. To make the flowers I took an egg carton cup and just went around with my scissors making different cuts. Sometimes I just made cuts all around and spread the "petals" after. Other times I actually cut petal shapes. You can really do anything. Check out the blog post above again for more flower ideas.

Painting away

3. Then paint the flowers, leaves, etc. You can really make the flowers really stand out with different paint shades and details and by stacking different shapes inside each other.

Peelu's bright egg carton flowers

4. Now you've got your flowers. You can attach them to a cardboard wreath or you can make some other artsy/craftsy items with them..

SUch pretty flowers

....stick around and see what we made.

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