Saturday, April 30, 2011

It's finished - The Recycled Art Auction Project

It's finished! #4

Okay, drum roll. Here is the finished recycled art project from Mrs. E and Ms H's 2nd grade class, all ready for the school art auction....

Finished art auction project 4

It's awesome, right?

Finished art auction project 2
Finished art auction project 3
It's finished! #1
It's finished! #5

We may all be partial but we think it turned out even better than we envisioned. But of course,we couldn't stop there. I really wanted to be able to use every recycled item that we received. So I decided to donate some flowers and make the stock pot we received, into a planter that would be a lovely complement to the wind chimes in a garden. We decided to make some garden critters with the last bits of our supplies too.

Ross' dragonfly he made

Ross made this cool dragonfly (directions found here). And I came up with a simple butterfly pattern that made the leftover glass beads really sparkle.

I was very happy with how it turned outMy beaded butterfly

Our garden insect party turned out very pretty.

We also came up with a story of what the wind chime represented. I printed it on card stock and drew some flowers around it. Then I tucked it between the tines of a fork and stuck it into the planter for everybody to see at the auction. Here's what it said:

The wind chime represents our wonderfully diverse 2nd grade class.

The two main parts represent our great teachers – Ms. H & Mrs. E (not every class was lucky enough to have not one – but TWO – fabulous teachers during the year!)

The kids in class each beaded a utensil that was later attached to the wind chime. As you can see, each utensil is a work of art by itself, that clearly represents each individual personality.

Each utensil was also donated by the class, and there are 26 different utensils to represent the kids in class – all wacky, wild and wonderful 26 of them!

We also received a donation of this cool, old stockpot. It was begging for some fresh Spring flowers to revive it’s usefulness. With leftover, recycled beads we made some Spring visitors and thought it was a beautiful addition to our art project. As you can see, the sweet, little watering can of our wind chime is pouring down love and happiness and patience and perseverance and kindness ………and the flowers (just like the kids from Ms. H & Mrs. E’s class are BLOOMING!!

The other part of the recycled art auction

Was that too cheesy? Awwww....I don't care. It totally fit the kids and the uniqueness of this cool class. The day of the auction, Ross and I brought it into the classroom to show the kids before we hung it up on the auction stage. We clanged and clanked down the hallways at school and people stopped us to ask about it the whole way. The kids totally cheered and clapped when they saw it all put together. That was the best part for sure.

It's finished! #6

It was a very popular item up on the art display stage and people couldn't resist walking by and tweaking a utensil to get a little sound out of it. The really fun part was watching the kids drag their parents up to see it. We actually had a bidding war going on at the last minute of the auction, but one of the students from class persuaded her mom to buy it. She was so excited to get it in the auction and she tells us about it every time we see her. I'd say it was a success.

It's finished! #3

Now....I am trying to come up with some ideas for next years art auction ..... hmmmm...this will be a hard one to top!

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  1. Hi Kellie,
    I just wanted to thank you for sharing your windchime project with the virtual world. When I saw it I knew how perfect the project would be for my daughter's preschool class auction item. We are going to have the kids stringing beads, spoons, and some porcelain pieces they created and painted in class. When you have a moment would you mind also sharing what strength fishing line you used? I agree this is going to be an addicting project! What a great idea to give the grandparents too - love the scooper. =) Thanks!
    Best wishes - Jenn.