Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Little Recycled Books

Some fo our cute mini recycled books

I have been saving cardboard boxes for ages.

Cardboard recycling projects

Every time we finish something from the pantry I have been flattening the box and saving it. For what you may ask? I don't really know. I just know that I have a disease. least if it is a craft-able item. And really - isn't EVERYTHING a craft-able item?

Getting ready for some cardboard book

And cardboard is definitely craft-able material! I have seen some fun recycled postcards and books and bookmarks on-line and I think that is where my mind has been heading with this huge pile of cardboard. So for Spring break we made some little books.

My favorite - the Junior Mints book

All different sizes. Different papers inserted in between the cardboard. Fun and easy to take with you and stash in a purse or pocket. Cheap and easy to kind of craft!

Cute DOTS mini book #2

And it's inspired the kids to do more spontaneous writing and drawing when out and about.

Already using the mini books
The Wild Petunia
R's mini book

Plus, they're just darn cute little books! This time we stapled them with our long armed, heavy duty stapler (an item that I don't know how I lived without before). Next time we might venture into some alternate binding methods like sewing and gluing and other fun ways to attach the papers.

Dora book front cover

But beware - they are addicting and believe me - YOU WILL find yourself saving all kinds of cardboard boxes...just in case.

More mini recycled books

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  1. The way people learn and enjoy and retain knowledge is with a tactile object. So many people are visual that when they remember a favorite story or a favorite moment, they can actually picture that page, that picture, the feel of the paper, the font— it's a piece of art. Books are a piece of art and they're never going away. They're always going to be amazing gifts and amazing friends. They are so great to share and reuse.