Thursday, April 28, 2011

Mother's Day Wreath Craft

Sweet Mama's Day present

You are probably waiting with bated breath to see what we made with our egg carton flowers....Well, we decided to make some very lovely Mother's Day wreaths first.

Hearts & flowers of course

These turned out to be one of those crafts that looks even lovelier than you anticipated. And the kids were troopers. I was amazed that a 3 year old and a 4 year old could do all of this. But I told you it was easy, right?

1. First cut a wreath out of some cardboard. I used a recycled mail box and a small plate to outline my circle. Then I cut the wreath shape out.

Our impromptu wreath craft

2. Next the kids picked their yarn colors. I went with some old Lion Brand Homespun yarn that I had laying around. It was perfect - it's floofiness added some neat texture to the wreath and the kids didn't have to be so exact with wrapping because of the uneven texture of the yarn - meaning a few wraps of yarn could overlap and you wouldn't see a big lump like if it had been smooth or thin yarn. I also unwound some yarn into a small ball that would be easier for them to maneuver with around their wreath.

More wrapping

3. So the kids wrapped and wrapped and wrapped and really did an awesome job. I didn't think they'd have the patience. Luke especially persevered with his task and finished it up in no time. When they started and finished the yarn I just tucked in the loose ends good and tight.

Peelu winding her wreath with yarn
He did such a good job wrapping his wreath

4. Next, the kids picked out the flowers they wanted to use and I whipped out the glue gun. I put dabs of glue where they told me and then they immediately pressed their flowers down and held them for a count of 10. Peelu wanted to add the hearts that she painted to her wreath.

Peelu gluing her flowers on
Holding down his egg carton flowers

Piece o' cake! That's it. Seriously! Aren't they fantastic? And those kids are pretty darn cute too!

Close-up of Lukey's flowers
Peelu's cute egg carton flowers

Such an easy and fun craft with quick results. The kids LOVED these wreaths and were SO proud of themselves. Luke, especially, could not wait to give his to his mom. Obviously I couldn't be Peelu's intended recipient since I helped make them - so Grandma W got the wreath for her door on Mother's Day.

Makes a cute picture frame too!
Lukey's finished wreath
Two cute kids and two cute wreaths

Oh, I almost forgot - the other egg carton craft. Equally easy - a simple flower brooch.

Painting egg cartons

Just take one of your egg carton flowers and glue inside some beads (or button or chenille wire stem or anything else you can think of or even just paint a cool design). Then glue a pin back on the back side of the flower.

Back of Lukey's Brooch

I used some E600 glue to make everything stick really well. Luke made this cute version also for his mom. Peelu and I will have to try some more of these since Luke's turned out so well.

Lukey's Brooch/Pin for his mom


  1. That is a lovely idea; great for those kids who love creating, and are happy to spend their posket money on supplies!

  2. Super cute idea! Your kids did a great job! :)