Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Octo- Buddies

Eight legs - eight braids?

A fun little Spring Break craft....made us long for the ocean....and summer....but summer does not appear to be arriving in Central Oregon anytime soon. DRAT!

S braiding the legs of his yarn octopus

This photo cracks me up because Ross came home from work so tired and he still got roped into helping with the craft - he held the octo head while R braided the legs. We got some good braid practice going with this craft!

Exhuasted Papa forced to craft
Braiding all 8 legs!

We got the idea from a Family Fun magazine and thought it would be pretty easy to make. It was - yarn, a tennis ball and some googly eyes. And the kids got to practice their braiding techniques. That's a craft success in our book.

R's bi-color octogirl

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