Tuesday, April 26, 2011

The School Art Auction Project: 2nd Grade 2011

It's finished! #9

This year, our school decided to add an Art Project Auction to it's annual Hoe Down fundraiser. Each class was supposed to make an item (although some classes made more than one thing) and donate it for the auction. Of course, I thought this was a FABULOUS idea. The only bummer (I thought) was that art has been rather eradicated from our school (at least in the form of art teachers and in-depth directed art projects - the teachers themselves simply do not have any time with all the stuff they must cram into the kids for State/Federal testing purposes - that is a whole other rant I could go on and on about). So I asked our second grade teacher if she would like help with the project. Then she went out on maternity leave and her equally wonderful interim teacher said she would love if I could handle the art project for the class. Yipppeee!! :-)

I'm such a craft/art geek!

It's finished! #11

I am not quite sure when the idea for a recycled art project came to me, but I thought the idea would appeal to the kids and give them a chance to donate some items themselves and become more a part of the project.

To be made into a recycled wind chime #1

So I went into the classroom to explain the project a bit and we sent home a flyer for the parents. The flyer had some photos of other silverware wind chimes that we have done in the past (to give them idea of what we were looking for), it had an explanation of the entire project and some donation suggestions (ie. silverware, metal colanders, old glass beads, old metal kitchen utensils, etc.)

To be made into a recycled wind chime #4

We got some good items. A huge cache of old seafood forks was one of my favorites.

To be made into a recycled wind chime #3

The cute, little watering can was another favorite by all the kids.

Flattened utensils for the wind chime

We didn't get as much silverware as I thought, luckily we were able to supplement with our vast supply of Goodwill silverware purchases. Ross and I also donated the glass beads, fishing line and swivel hooks. OH yeah, and he donated his strong forearms, because he personally hammered all of the utensils flat himself and then drilled a BUNCH of holes through the items.

S working on one last beaded utensil

One afternoon, I went back into the classroom to enlist the kids help on beading each utensil. Ross had put his amazing fly tying ability came into use as he attached a long fishing line to a small swivel. He made enough strings for each child in the class.

I love these little forks!

I took the utensils and pre-tied strings into class, along with some of the bigger items. I explained how the wind chime was going to look and about how their recycled items would help beautify somebody's yard or garden. The kids were more excited than I thought they would be. I did have worries though about piles of beads going all over the classroom floor. So I grabbed handfuls of glass beads and put them in baggies and gave each table a few baggies. Each child was given a string with the ore-attached swivel. Then we let them pick out which utensil they wanted to personally bead. I instructed them to string between 15-20 beads on their string and then we tied on their utensil on the bottom.

R's last beaded utensil
A beaded fork
A beaded knife

The project went perfectly. It was quick, easy and the kids were proud of their contributions, both in the recycling and artistic sense.

A Pile o' Beaded utensils...

I took all the items back home and Ross and I commenced putting the wind chime together with the other recycled items that we had received. First he untied every utensil and put swivel hooks on the end of the string and then re-attached the hook to each utensil. He thought they would hold up better and swivel on the wind chime more nicely. He had also pre-drilled holes along the edges of the colander that was our base and through some of the other items that would be clangers for our wind chime. After much tying and sorting and moving things around so the weight was evenly distributed...some audio testing...(all done by Ross) and artistic tweaking (done by both of us), we decided that the 2nd grade recycled wind chime art project was done!

It's finished! #3

Stay tuned for the finished project!


  1. I have way more spoons than I do any other utensil ... this may be in my crafting future as well!

  2. I just LOVE this, and I'd love to see you on Craft Schooling Sunday as well! It' looks pretty finished to me, so curious to know what's in store! all the best!