Sunday, May 29, 2011

Birthday Ice Cream

The whole present set for Lil' S

Peelu got invited to an ice cream themed birthday party. And we couldn't pass up making some really sweet birthday presents for her very sweet little girlfriend.

Front of Lil' S's birthday bag

First we freezer paper stenciled an ice cream design on a canvas bag. Peelu gave me the details and I hand drew the design. Then we personalized the back in a girly font.

Back of Lil' S's birthday bag

Then Peelu went upstairs into the craft room void to help me fill the inside with crafty goodness. Yep, one of our famous craft kits was created...

Front of the bag with back of the craft kit
Craft Bag crafty goodnessA bunch of crafty goodness...
Some craft bag funSome fun fabric bits for the craft bag kit

Boy, Peelu and I are not safe to be left together in the craft room. Our craft kit bag was bulging by the end of our gathering session. And we were not done....oh no.

Hat for Lil' S #6

Our little friend and her sweet Mama had always admired Peelu's Big Pink Flower Hat. It was such a quick pattern to make up that I quickly crocheted one the night before the party. The flower actually consumes the most time in this pattern.

Hat for Lil' S #5
But it's worth it, as the flower truly makes this hat adorable on little girls.

Hat for Lil' S #3

Here's Peelu modeling it so you get the idea.

Hat for Lil' S #1
And we were very happy to report that our handmade birthday presents were very joyously received. THAT is always what makes handmade gifts worth the time and effort.

Saturday, May 28, 2011

A Mini Girl Camo Cap

Peelu's new hat #5

Baby Sister Peelu had to have a cool cap too, doncha know?

Just Peelu cuteness

However the attitude is all Peelu!

Peelu's new hat #4

I went down a hook size and it made the whole cap much tighter and stiffer - a better fit for the brim and this type of hat.

Peelu's new hat #3

I went with Red Heart Super Saver again because of the sturdiness, wash-ability and cool camouflage pattern.

Peelu's new hat #1

We get TONS of compliments on it. I have to say, it does look pretty darn cute on her.

Peelu's new hat #2

Thanks again to Vallie's Kids for the easy pattern!

Monday, May 23, 2011

The ice cream scoop recycled wind chime

Grandma's WIndchime #1

This one was the family present for Grandma on Mother's Day.

Grandma's WIndchime #3

We found the old aluminum ice cream scoop and knew it was just perfect for G & G. There house is known as the ice cream sundae house. They always have ice cream and a vast array of yummy toppings and goodies to put on top. SO we thought the ice cream scoop was particularly appropriate for this recycled art wind chime.

Grandma's WIndchime #4

It sounds awesome too!

Sunday, May 22, 2011

A Cute Girl Camo Cap

R's Cute Camo Cap #1

I have been dying to make this hat for R for some time. I finally sat down to do it and it worked up might fast.

R's Cute Camo Cap #1

And turned out pretty dang cute.

R's Cute Camo Cap #1

The pattern is from Vallie's Kids: She has a bunch of super cute, very easy patterns. I used some Red Heart Super Saver in Pink Camo for it's sturdiness and wash-ability.

R's Cute Camo Cap #1

And my girl loves it, and in the end, that's always what counts.

Saturday, May 21, 2011

This Spring isn't for the bees either!

Backyard Hive Checking #1

They are not happy with our crummy weather.

Backyard Hive Checking #2

They don't really come out of the hive if the weather is too cool. And our wacky Spring has caused some of the trees to bloom and then to freeze and the bees have not been able to get to them.

Backyard Hive Checking #3

That means the trees AND the bees are not happy. And the delay in the other flowers means are bees are having to get fed with sugar water. It also means that our new bees (5 new nucs - which are like mini-hives) are delayed in getting here too.

Backyard Hive Checking #4

So Ross decided to check on our hive this particular afternoon and see how they were doing. Some crazy comb building. But overall, they are looking pretty good, especially considering the weather circumstances.

Backyard Hive Checking #5

We didn't get our hive last year until Summer, so this is our first Spring with them and it's constantly a learning process. And a lot of "go-with-the-flow".

Backyard Hive Checking #6

And a lot of amazement at these tiny creatures.

Peelu's Pet Bee

Peelu with her pet bee #4

It was a drone (with no stinger) and for some reason it was very attached to her.

Peelu with her pet bee #1

Ross had just been out checking the hive so it probably got caught in his clothes.

Peelu with her pet bee #2

Peelu was very excited to have her own "pet" bee.

Peelu with her pet bee #3

However we did convince her to let him go outside. Fly away little bee, fly away!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Spring? Gardening

Please bring Spring weather to us!

Our Spring bulbs are s l o w l y coming up. I guess it's Spring. It doesn't really feel like it as our freezing weather and cloudy skies have not dissipated. And the rain keeps coming. For a High Desert climate this is unexpected weather. AND IT'S DRIVING US ALL A BIT NUTS!

Tulips are finally up

Maybe planting some flowers will make the weather cooperate. But we're not stupid, we're only chancing our cold hardy blooms for now. And the veggie starts are still bundled up.

Pretty pansies can survive our quixotic Spring

Thank goodness for pansies, or our yard would still be devoid of color.

Thank goodness for pansies

This pretty, little mini rose is begging to find a home. But I am afraid for it's little life if I plant it right now.

Pretty Spring lavender roses

And this super cool sedum mix is itching to be set among our rock borders. It will probably be okay...but still...

Super cool sedum flat

I guess for now, we'll stick with the pansies and keep digging up and transplanting our volunteers. I mean eventually our weather will warm up, right?

Potting up some of our zillions of Brown Eyed Susans

Of course that will probably happen just in time for our first frost.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

We really, really appreciate our preschool teachers!

Two more bird's nests

In fact, we love them most dearly. So Peelu wanted to make them both a special gift.....

Yep, you guessed it - more birds nest necklaces. (Thank you again, Carrie.) Hey, go with what works, I say. Peelu's a total pro at making them now.

Teacher's Appreciation Necklaces

She chose the colors and wrapped the nests herself. Along with the necklaces we gave bags of homemade biscotti. And since then, both teachers (and Grandma W as well, have told us that they get so many compliments on these necklaces).

Can you see our geeky, craft-lovin' smiles?

Pickling Asparagus

My favorite way to eat asparagus

I am not a huge asparagus fan. But Ross LOVES the stuff. SO when an opportunity came up to buy a few pounds of straight-from-the-farm, picked-that-day asparagus, I jumped a the chance. Best of all, it was fundraiser for the Senior class end-of-the-year party of our local high school. When I picked up the asparagus they also gave me a pickling recipe.

First time pickling asaparagus

And boy, do we love ANYTHING pickled. Okay, maybe not pigs feet or boiled eggs or ...okay let me re=phrase that - we love any vegetables pickled. And Ross loves his asparagus so much that he left not an inch of them unpickled - stem ends and all!

Pickling some asparagus

But the waiting period is killing us.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Some mini wind chimes for the teachers

Ms. H's wind chime

Since our second grade teachers (both our regular teacher and our long term/maternity leave substitute teacher) were so ecstatic with our class art auction wind chime.....we thought they would each love to have their own mini version for Teacher Appreciation Week at school.

Recycled wind chime for their teacher

Ms. H talked to S & R about enjoying her garden so we also gave her an Oriental Poppy for her garden (one of my FAVORITE garden plants) and of course our requisite bag of homemade biscotti.

Gifts for Ms. H

Didn't I tell you that those little dessert molds would come in handy as bases for our wind chimes?

Ms. H's wind chime hanging

Then by the end of the week, S & R's teacher had come back off of maternity leave. We didn't want to forget her so she got her own wind chime too!

Simple & Sweet wind chime

The kids do such a good job with the beads and picking out the right utensils for each wind chime. And of course, I cannot rave enough about Ross' knot tying abilities. Hmmmm...I'm not sure what I did this time around....

Last teacher appreciation gift

Darn, these mini wind chimes are even more addicting. I now have people scouring the garage sales for all kinds of unique utensil and silverware and cutlery for us. It's quite possible that we are getting to be known as the junk family.