Sunday, May 29, 2011

Birthday Ice Cream

The whole present set for Lil' S

Peelu got invited to an ice cream themed birthday party. And we couldn't pass up making some really sweet birthday presents for her very sweet little girlfriend.

Front of Lil' S's birthday bag

First we freezer paper stenciled an ice cream design on a canvas bag. Peelu gave me the details and I hand drew the design. Then we personalized the back in a girly font.

Back of Lil' S's birthday bag

Then Peelu went upstairs into the craft room void to help me fill the inside with crafty goodness. Yep, one of our famous craft kits was created...

Front of the bag with back of the craft kit
Craft Bag crafty goodnessA bunch of crafty goodness...
Some craft bag funSome fun fabric bits for the craft bag kit

Boy, Peelu and I are not safe to be left together in the craft room. Our craft kit bag was bulging by the end of our gathering session. And we were not done....oh no.

Hat for Lil' S #6

Our little friend and her sweet Mama had always admired Peelu's Big Pink Flower Hat. It was such a quick pattern to make up that I quickly crocheted one the night before the party. The flower actually consumes the most time in this pattern.

Hat for Lil' S #5
But it's worth it, as the flower truly makes this hat adorable on little girls.

Hat for Lil' S #3

Here's Peelu modeling it so you get the idea.

Hat for Lil' S #1
And we were very happy to report that our handmade birthday presents were very joyously received. THAT is always what makes handmade gifts worth the time and effort.

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