Saturday, March 5, 2011

The Cobra

It looks like a cobra, doesn't it?

Uuughhh. Sorry, the colors are not so good on this post. But it's an awesome project from S that I must share!

Weekend crocheting for my boy

It started out with some random weekend crocheting. S picked up the hook and tried to remember how to single and double crochet. He kept at it for a while and came up with this amazing cobra snake.

HIs cobra that he crocheted

Don't ask me how he did it. I don't even know if he could duplicate it exactly.

Ready to strike!!

But it looks like a cobra, doesn't it?

All coiled and waiting...

He's amazing, that boy of ours. He is so like his father - somehow they both have this amazing ability to create and re-create things just by looking

Of course, a striking cobra is not top on my list of crochet patterns to work up....but...

Arrghhh!  It's attacking!

...he's amazing...nevertheless!

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