Monday, May 9, 2011

A Dragonfly Pin

I LOVE this dragonfly that S made!

Remember the cool dragonfly that Ross made for our art auction flower stock pot? Well the very easy directions actually made a smaller, jewelry sized pin. We had upsized it for the flower pot. But S found the directions and asked to make one for his Grandma for Mother's Day.

S making a dragonfly pin for Grandma#1

He found the beads and strung them on the "body".

S making a dragonfly pin for Grandma#3

The wings were probably the hardest part and he fiddled with those for a bit.

S making a dragonfly pin for Grandma#2

And the antennae were fun to twist, he said. He put a safety pin on the back and voila - he was finished.

Finished dragonfly pin

It turned out pretty dang cute and it was much oohed and ahhed over by his grandmother.

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