Sunday, May 15, 2011

Pickling Asparagus

My favorite way to eat asparagus

I am not a huge asparagus fan. But Ross LOVES the stuff. SO when an opportunity came up to buy a few pounds of straight-from-the-farm, picked-that-day asparagus, I jumped a the chance. Best of all, it was fundraiser for the Senior class end-of-the-year party of our local high school. When I picked up the asparagus they also gave me a pickling recipe.

First time pickling asaparagus

And boy, do we love ANYTHING pickled. Okay, maybe not pigs feet or boiled eggs or ...okay let me re=phrase that - we love any vegetables pickled. And Ross loves his asparagus so much that he left not an inch of them unpickled - stem ends and all!

Pickling some asparagus

But the waiting period is killing us.

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