Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Some mini wind chimes for the teachers

Ms. H's wind chime

Since our second grade teachers (both our regular teacher and our long term/maternity leave substitute teacher) were so ecstatic with our class art auction wind chime.....we thought they would each love to have their own mini version for Teacher Appreciation Week at school.

Recycled wind chime for their teacher

Ms. H talked to S & R about enjoying her garden so we also gave her an Oriental Poppy for her garden (one of my FAVORITE garden plants) and of course our requisite bag of homemade biscotti.

Gifts for Ms. H

Didn't I tell you that those little dessert molds would come in handy as bases for our wind chimes?

Ms. H's wind chime hanging

Then by the end of the week, S & R's teacher had come back off of maternity leave. We didn't want to forget her so she got her own wind chime too!

Simple & Sweet wind chime

The kids do such a good job with the beads and picking out the right utensils for each wind chime. And of course, I cannot rave enough about Ross' knot tying abilities. Hmmmm...I'm not sure what I did this time around....

Last teacher appreciation gift

Darn, these mini wind chimes are even more addicting. I now have people scouring the garage sales for all kinds of unique utensil and silverware and cutlery for us. It's quite possible that we are getting to be known as the junk family.

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