Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Spring? Gardening

Please bring Spring weather to us!

Our Spring bulbs are s l o w l y coming up. I guess it's Spring. It doesn't really feel like it as our freezing weather and cloudy skies have not dissipated. And the rain keeps coming. For a High Desert climate this is unexpected weather. AND IT'S DRIVING US ALL A BIT NUTS!

Tulips are finally up

Maybe planting some flowers will make the weather cooperate. But we're not stupid, we're only chancing our cold hardy blooms for now. And the veggie starts are still bundled up.

Pretty pansies can survive our quixotic Spring

Thank goodness for pansies, or our yard would still be devoid of color.

Thank goodness for pansies

This pretty, little mini rose is begging to find a home. But I am afraid for it's little life if I plant it right now.

Pretty Spring lavender roses

And this super cool sedum mix is itching to be set among our rock borders. It will probably be okay...but still...

Super cool sedum flat

I guess for now, we'll stick with the pansies and keep digging up and transplanting our volunteers. I mean eventually our weather will warm up, right?

Potting up some of our zillions of Brown Eyed Susans

Of course that will probably happen just in time for our first frost.

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