Saturday, June 18, 2011

Bee Box Building

R's Photos - Swarm #4

Well, since the swarm set off a flurry of bee box building here are some new photos. He has some pre-fab boxes (supers mostly) that he is putting together himself.

Pile o' boxes for the new hives

Ross has some nucs coming any day now too and he realized he needed to get a move on creating some new boxes. Plus, another swarm would really deplete his box supply. SO he got creative.

A hive Ross made with recycled wood

We took down a really old fence on the side of our yard earlier this year. And Ross decide to try making some "recycled wood" bee hive boxes. Whaddya think? We think they turned out kinda cool. Now he's off designing new and fancier roofs for the boxes. Ay yi yi. Beekeeping is more time consuming than I thought.

The bees seem to dig it

Well, maybe my husband is just more time consuming than I thought. :-)

Bee Hive Box making

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