Sunday, June 19, 2011

Father's Day Card Photos

Father's Day 2011

We didn't have time for any manic Dad gift crafting this year. And we were all okay with that (probably Ross most of all because he's running out of space!). But we did decide to make a cool card and some even cooler cupcakes for our favorite Daddy-O!

Here's the cool card:

Father's Day Card

Did you notice how the letters are made? Yep, I spent a crazed half hour making the maniacs form letters with their little bodies so that we could make this card. But since I was making them twist up into wacky shapes over and over again, I just decided to do the whole darn alphabet. So we could make all kinds of cards and banners and spell anything we wanted to with their poor, twisted limbs!


I have to say it turned out pretty good. And the kids thought it was pretty fun to try and make the shapes.

My Three #3

Our other cool Papa thing was a fun treat. We saw this idea in Family Fun and had to try it. BBQ Cupcakes!!


Super cool or what! They were easier to make than I thought.

They were very fun to make.

All in all, Ross was pretty darn happy with his alphabet kids and "grilled' cupcakes. Phew!

Giving Papa his Father's Day cupcakes.

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