Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Father's Day Fishing

Papa's Fishing with all His Maniacs

It's become a family tradition. Each year Ross gets a smidge more fishing time. But for now it's still pretty much constant moving between the kids as one gets stuck, one gets a knot, one gets a fish, etc.

Hold Still

I do try to help. Honest.

But my fishing skills are rather pathetic and I am not so good with knots.

Casting Out

Still, they caught three fish at a new fishing spot (new for the kids anyway). We spent some relaxing time together as a family.

Fun, Fun, Fun Fishing Fun
Papa & Peelu Fishing
Big brother and little sister fishing
Watching the caught trout
Taking the bloody hook out
Holding her BIG fish!

We were heading to G & G's for a BBQ dinner and we decided to surprise them with the fish. (Grandma W always thinks Ross is "telling fishing stories" when he usually fails to bring back fish from his trips - you know "catch and release" - that's what he says anyway). So the kids felt they should bring back proof this time. They were very happy and proud to show off their hard work.

All three fish on ice
All three on the grill!

And they didn't taste too bad either. Happy Father's Day, Love.

Manly contemplations while fishing

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