Thursday, June 16, 2011

The First Swarm

R's Photos - Swarm #1

"Kel,something epic just happened."

That's what Ross just told me as my girlfriend handed over her phone to me. I was hanging out at her house with another girlfriend and Peelu. You know, relaxing before the last days of school were over. But then Ross called. R had stayed home sick that day, so I was concerned that maybe she was feeling worse. But oh's the rest of the conversation.

Our first hive

"My bees just swarmed."

"Uh, that sounds bad."

"No, no, it was epic. I heard extra loud buzzing and I looked up and the backyard was filled with bees."

"That doesn't sound good."

R's Photos - Swarm #2

"No, no, it was awesome."

"Are you sure."

"Yes. It was like a cloud of bees."

"Ummmm...where did they go?"

"Well, luckily they stayed in our yard and landed on the pine tree."

"Lucky in deed. I am sure our neighbors are very happy about that."

Anyway, he went on to tell me in a voice, overcome with beekeeper emotion, how he and R proceeded to catch the swarm and how his Beekeeper master (friend Brian) told him everything to do.

R's Photos - Swarm #3

I was a little confused, because I thought R was sick and laying on the couch. Apparently the bee swarm miraculously cured her and she became the official swarm photographer. These are all her photos.

R's Photos - Swarm #5

Anyway, the swarm was BIG news for quite a while and set off a flurry of bee box building and bee swarm studying. Obviously more bee posts to come. Phew!

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