Wednesday, June 15, 2011

The last of the Laptop Lunches for the School Year

Wow, I have been very remiss in posting these lunches as we went along the year. And I wish I could say I had some really inventive ideas but I was a bit fizzled out on lunchbox ideas this year. Which isn't to say that I didn't make them every school day. But they just were not super creative. But that is okay. They were still super healthy and full of love and for the most part, well received by the second graders.

Bento Box Lunch 9-17-10
Pita filled with broccoli salad, bacon and dried cranberries, snack cup with yogurt covered raisins, raspberries, some of our small garden tomatoes

Bento Box Lunch 9-20-10
Turkey sandwich on whole wheat, strawberries & raspberries, green beans with mini dill pickles, rice cakes, pretzels and yogurt covered raisins

Bento Box Lunch 9-24-10
eef taquitos cut in half with salsa & sour cream, fruit salsa, cornchips, rice cakes and a breakfast cookie, carrots & red peppers

Bento Box Lunch 9-23-10
Homemade French toast rectangles (from Papa's bread), maple syrup, garden tomatoes, raspberries, cheese & crackers, ham cubes and two breakfast cookies.

Bento Box Lunch 9-29-10
Black bean & cheese burrito cut in half, plum, hard boiled egg & cucumbers, ginger cookies, dried apricots, pretzels & yogurt raisins

Bento Box Lunch 9-30-10
Leftover mandarin chicken salad, spring rolls with sauce, hard boiled egg, apple sauce with raisins

Bento Lunch Box 10-1-10
Black bean & cheese burrito, kiwi and cantaloupe, garden tomatoes and cucumbers, fig bars and goldfish crackers

Bento Box Lunch - 10-4-10
Beef empanadas with salsa, corn chips, fog bars, guacamole with garden yellow pear tomatoes, leftover pecan apple pie with whipped cream. This is the leftovers from Ross' birthday dinner. The kids were VERY excited about the Pie!!

Bento Box Lunch 10-12-10
whole wheat crackers with cheese squares, salami & turkey pepperoni, blueberries, carrots with ranch dip, caramel corn with raisins and pretzels

Bento Box Lunch 10-26-10
Leftover pasta salad, orange smiles, ham roll-ups, cheese slices, crackers & mini chocolate graham crackers, baby carrots form our garden and red peppers

Bento Box Lunch - 1/12/11
Leftover Red Beans & Rice, apple wedges, peanut butter/honey/yogurt apple dip, cucumbers, carrots& hard boiled egg

Bento Box Lunch
Turkey & Peach Preserve wraps, pretzels and homemade biscotti, mandarin oranges and strawberries, green beans and pickled asparagus

Bento Box Lunch --
Cut out raisin toasts with cream cheese, chopped apple spread, 4 bean salad, strawberries, pomegranate rice cakes

Dang, now I am hungry.


  1. So thorough!
    Are they Bento Boxes?
    Is each pic a lunch for your kids or for you?
    Thank you for sharing!

  2. Thank you! Yes, they are bento boxes. They are called Laptopn Lunches and these are all for my two second (now third) graders.