Sunday, June 26, 2011

Magic Tree House Family Study Kick-Off

It's cool how the paint makes them look even better

Okay, as if we actually need more things to study and do...during Summer no less. Well, my kids got screwed in the Mom category because I have devised a new scheme to combine summer reading and research projects and CRAFTS!! YES!! Are you excited? I'm excited. My kids....hmmm....we'll see. They are excited about the craft parts however.

Peelu working and singing

Well, somehow we have collected almost all of the Magic Tree House series books along with the Magic Tree House Research guides. This series is fabulous. You probably already know that. But its awesome. History has always been my first love, hence my wacky History degree in college. AND I LOVE to research (again, that wacky History degree). SO I thought we would read each book and corresponding research guide (although not all of the books have a research guide of their own). Then we would do some further research on-line and at the library, maybe some experiments, maybe some field trips if we can find some that fit and OF COURSE, some arts and crafts that fit with each book.

Ahhhh, a baby dinosaur!

S & R are going into third grade and are fairly good readers, so the books are perhaps a touch below their reading levels now (although I think the Research guides are a bit higher reading level). But they are such great books and such very quick reads that I figured the kids would not mind this project and reading practice is reading practice, right?

Making "Dino Fossils" #2

Of course I don't plan on finishing this during this Summer. But I think it would be a fun on-going project for as long as it lasts (hopefully through all the first books). The tough part will be me. My research obsession causes me to spend more time gathering ideas than actually implementing and doing said ideas. So we'll see if I can keep the kids' interest as I will no doubt go off on crazy tangents and over-do the "extra" stuff for each book. But here goes. Hope you can follow along with us.

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