Monday, June 27, 2011

MTH Study - Dinosaurs Before Dark - Dinosaur Fossils

Making "Dino Fossils" #1

So S read the first book in the Magic Tree House series, Dinosaurs at Dawn. He also read the research guide and then we talked about both books together as a family.

I am using the Teachers Resource Center Guides at the Magic Tree House Website for each book to help plan the study portion. Also, I am using Enchanted Learning for all kinds of fun worksheets, ideas, etc. for each book subject. The kids are keeping all of their research stuff, worksheets and notes in just a regular folder for now. Also, when we finish a book, the kids then go onto the Magic Tree House web site to play the games and also get their Magic Tree House passport stamp for that particular book and/or research guide. Check out the website for more details on the passport program. I will let you know more about other resources we find as we go along.

Making "Dino Fossils" #4

So after we did the worksheets and had our discussion, we figured it was time to start crafting. This is where things get drawn out do to my craft ADHD!! First up was making dinosaur "fossils".

Making "Dino Fossils" #6

This was a very easy craft - and yielded very fun results. Both Busy Bee Crafts and That Artist Woman had good tutorials that we referenced.

Here's what you need:
Salt Dough (recipes all over the web)
Cheap Dinosaur Figurines
Plastic foliage
Acrylic Paint
Paint Brushes
Mod Podge or other craft sealer

Making "Dino Fossils" #3

After we made the salt dough, we pressed the dinosaur figurines into the dough hard enough to make a good impression. We also pressed some plastic foliage into the dough as well for some leafy looking prints.

Making "Dino Fossils" #5

S used some shark figurines we had as well, because of course (as he pointed out), prehistoric sharks were ancient too! We baked our fossils according to our salt dough directions. And we made sure they were extra hard and baked through.

Painting more dino fossils

Then we got to painting.

It's cool how the paint makes them look even better

The kids picked out some colors they thought would be authentic fossil colors. And away they went.

Painting our dino fossils #2
Painting our dino fossils #1

Some of them looked darn cool!

Very authentic paint job!

After the paint dried we put a good coat of matte Mod Podge over them.

Finished Dino Fossils #5
Finished Dino Fossils #1
Finished Dino Fossils #2
Finished Dino Fossils #3

They turned out very cool looking. I would say that our first MTH craft project was a success. In fact, it was a little too addicting, so now we have about 10 dinosaur fossil paper weights around the house.

Finished Dino Fossils #4

Guess what you're getting for Christmas.

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