Wednesday, June 29, 2011

MTH Study - Dinosaurs Before Dark - Dinosaur Gardens

Making Dino Gardens #1

Okay, I LOVED all of the dinosaur crafts/activities that we have been doing for our Magic Tree House Study - Dinosaurs at Dawn. However, I think the Dinosaur Gardens might just be my favorite.

As I researching the web for dino crafts and activities, I ran across this dinosaur terrarium on TLC. (Be sure to check the link out because they had some other fun dino activities too.) Well, we pretty much already had everything on hand, so we created our very own Dinosaur Gardens.

Here's what you need:

A container for your garden (we used some big pot lids and a terra cotta saucer that we had on hand)
Soil (we used a sandier than normal mix because we n=knew most of our plants would be of the succulent variety)
Gravel (for drainage)
Plants ( we tried to pick out some plants that looked "prehistoric")
Dinosaur figurines
Glass gems

I gathered the stuff for the gardens and told the kids the idea and they jumped right to it!

Making Dino Gardens #2

Making Dino Gardens #6
Making Dino Gardens #8
Making Dino Gardens #3

I was amazed at their designs and how well they worked together. S first came up with a very vivid story about his Dino Garden.

Making Dino Gardens #4
Making Dino Gardens #7

It involved volcanoes and ancient sea creatures and everything. The girls both joined in with stories for their individual gardens and I ended up filming the whole sagas. I loved their creative use of the glass gems as both lava and lakes and also mountains and rivers. And I enjoyed hearing in their stories, facts from the MTH Research Guides about how dinosaurs lived and died. It was pretty cool.

Making Dino Gardens #5

Plus, the mini gardens looked awesome, especially with the portulaca blooming and the spiky succulents making the whole design look exotic!

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