Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Our tin can planters

First set of tin can planters #2

We had a load of thank you gifts to make at the end of the year - teachers, helpers and volunteers of all kinds - school, church, Sunday school, friends....So we thought we'd try something new and continue in our recycling theme as of late.

glue gun and twine

We saved, washed and cleaned a bunch of tin cans, got out some twine we had around the house and our handy dandy glue gun.

Simple wrapping job
Empty tin cans

A simple wrapping technique made the cans look cool and rustic.

Succulents ready to plant

Then we added the succulents (into cactus soil that was sitting on top of a handful of good draining gravel). We used some hens and chicks that we already had in our yard. But I also splurged and ordered some cuttings from Succulents Galore. They were beautiful and just plain gorgeous. I also planted some in my own containers in the hopes that I could make my own cuttings for more cool gifts.

Splitting some hens n chicks for the gift planters
Aren't they cute?

Simple and cute and kind of addicting to put together.

First set of tin can planters #4

But they made our thank yous extra special (we hope)!

First set of tin can planters #1

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