Sunday, June 12, 2011

The Preschool Birthday Treats

A close-up of the butterfly treat bag

Okay, really this was an annual preschool trip/ But Peelu preferred to think that it was all for her birthday. She was with all her preschool buddies It was our turn to bring the snack anyway. So we incorporated some Spring fun and Peelu, of course, had to help me make EVERYTHING.

First we painted some glitter glue on wooden clothespins to make a cute butterfly treat.

Glitter glue
Painting her butterfly bodies
painting some clothespins

After they dried we glued on googly eyes and cut pipe cleaners into 2 inch lengths.

The painted clothespins
Putting the googly eyes on

Then we put together a fabulous trail mix of all Peelu's favorites....and we stuffed little snack bags about 2/3 full. Then we gathered the bags in the middle and clipped on the clothespin and the "bent" pipe cleaner antennae.

The super cute flock (?) of butterfly treats

Aren't they ridiculously cute? I am pretty sure I found the idea in magazine. Oh, and also for snack I made little mini "dirt pudding cups". Basically pudding on the bottom of the dixie cup, crushed chocolate cookies on top with candy rocks and gummy frogs or gummy worms sticking out.

Peelu's preschool birthday treat

Peelu also wanted to give a party favor, so we got bottles of bubbles for her to hand out too.

Her preschool birthday treats

I love sweet and inexpensive ways to make birthdays special for the little ones.


  1. Thanks for sharing this great tutorial. I found this idea on Pintrest and followed the link back to you. I will be doing this for my daughter's school birthday treat next week. Thanks for laying out the steps so clearly.