Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Yes, ALL the teachers got recycled wind chimes!

Peelu's windchime presents

We probably seem a bit redundant here, making and giving teacher's gifts on Teacher Appreciation Week, which is in May and then again at the end of school, in June. But really, can you appreciate your kids' teachers too much? We don't think so. And if you have ever worked or helped in the classrooms at the very end of school - you will REALLY appreciate your kids' teachers...I mean seriously...those kids are crazed by then!

Preschool teachers get windchimes too!

And since our second grade teachers got wind chimes already....we thought it only fair that our preschool teachers also got some musical, recycled art from us as well. Thankfully our preschool teachers are two very wonderful ladies who sincerely appreciate handmade gifts and have taught all of our children AND now how obsessively crafty our family is...

Some chocolate dipped pretzels...

Of course they got homemade biscotti too - wrapped quite beautifully by Peelu. But wait, the wind chime making was NOT done....we got the Lundgren kids involved too one day...making a sweet sounding chime for their mom.

Allt he kids helped with the windchime
Making a recycled windchime for mom
PIcking out beads
Lundgren wind chime

Our wind chimes are going to conquer the world!

Lundgren wind chime #2

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