Saturday, July 30, 2011

Duct Tape Wallets

Making Duct Tape Wallets

I have always wanted to make some duct tape wallets. So I decided it was time to break into some duct tape crafting with the maniacs. There are a TON of duct tape wallet tutorials out there. But I mostly followed this one by CraftyNest. The first wallet I made was the pink zebra, which R quickly snapped up. Then Peelu and I co-designed her tie-dye version.

Happy with her duct tape wallet

Here was S's wallet. He picked the colors and helped me cut some of the strips, while I mostly put his wallet together for him. He did hand cut his cover designs though.

inside of S' duct tape wallet
Back of S's wallet
S's duct tape wallet

And yes, that is a picture of Jack that he cut out to adorn the front of his wallet. Sigh...

Then our good freind Big E came over and we KNEW he would dig this craft!

Big E's Camo Duct Tape Wallet #2
Big E's Camo Duct Tape Wallet
Big E's Camo Duct Tape Wallet #3
Big E's Camo Duct Tape Wallet #4

Definitely more wallet making in our future.

Friday, July 29, 2011

Fair Project Making Palooza

2011 Fair artwork-a-palooza #3

Yep, it's that crazy time of year for us.

2011 Fair artwork-a-palooza #4

Complete arts & crafts insanity.

2011 Fair artwork-a-palooza #7

Why? You may ask.

2011 Fair artwork-a-palooza #5

I mean, why would we wait until the very week before Fair entries are spend frenzied hours making projects?

2011 Fair artwork-a-palooza #8

Certainly we have some projects we've made throughout the year that we could use.

2011 Fair artwork-a-palooza #9


2011 Fair artwork-a-palooza #11

I mean, we craft and create all year long.

2011 Fair artwork-a-palooza #12

What is up with this freakishly crazed week of paint and scissors and paper and glue and fabric and photography even?

2011 Fair artwork-a-palooza #13

I honestly have no flippin' idea. I think we all like the pressure for one thing and new projects always seem more exciting and new and fresh than previous projects.

2011 Fair artwork-a-palooza #14

Anyway...we will have even more pics on our fair entries soon!

Monday, July 25, 2011

Camping on the Metolius

Camp Crew Metolius River 2011

I love when semi-spur-of-the-moment camping trips with friends happens!

Metolius River Playing #3

Fly-fishing lessons on this most revered fly fishing river:

Ross giving the kids fly fishing lessons #2
Ross giving the kids fly fishing lessons #4

Beautiful scenery, butterflies and baby birds, too:

Butterfly in the bushes by the Metolius River
Bird in the nest!

Scully was still missing Jack (as we all were) so she came with us much to everybody's happiness:
R and Scully at the Metolius

S'Mores (OF COURSE!):

S'More Glutton #2
S'mores at the Metolius#2

Lots and lots of playing in the cold, cold river and the warm, warm sunshine...

Metolius River Playing #9
Metolius River Playing #6
Metolius River Playing #5


Metolius River Playing #4

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Mid-Summer Bee Updates

Interesting honeycomb growth #1

Checking the backyard hives after our oh so slow start to Summer.

Interesting honeycomb growth #2

Seem healthy if a bit crazy with the honeycomb growth.

Interesting honeycomb growth #3

Interesting honeycomb growth. Not totally sure why.

Interesting honeycomb growth #2

But what a fun, crazy, interesting learning process this is!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Greencards Concert

Greencards on Stage

We are really bad about not utilizing all the great concert venues that we have in Central Oregon. We just kinda get lazy about it. But every week when I read the paper and see all the cool concerts coming up, oftentimes free, I get bummed that we don't go.

All the kids dancing at The Greencards concert

So for once we just went, even with rain threatening skies. And I am so glad we did. Not only did we go with our best buds, but we had a wonderful concert experience.

Awesome concert!

I had read about the upcoming concert by the Greencards in the paper and I was looking forward to seeing them and hearing them play live. It was an outdoor concert at the Les Schwab amphitheater and it was cloudy and they had some sound difficulties....but it was awesome!

M's dancing at The Greencards Concert #6

The music was great, the bad was very casual and fun and Peelu danced and danced and danced....

M's dancing at The Greencards Concert #5
M's dancing at The Greencards Concert #4
M's dancing at The Greencards Concert #3

During the break between sets you could actually go down to the stage and talk to the band members and purchase CDs and t-shirts. I am usually shy about this kind of stuff because I hate to seem like such a big geek and I always think they are way too busy to want to talk to me.....

so I dragged the little dancer down and we got to talk with Carol Young, the only female and the main lead singer. She was cool. No other way to put it. Sincerely and genuinely nice and Peelu just fell in love with her as Carol talked to her little four year old self. I am bummed that I didn't ask for a photo then, because Peelu would have been over the moon with one. But we said our thank yous and then walked over to the big kids who were dancing on the concrete stage area and Peelu told them all about meeting Carol. So R asked me if she could go meet her too and tell her how much she was enjoying the music. The other kids tagged along and Carol was nice enough to pose with them.

Lead Singer, Carol posing with R & friends

Needless to say, we bought a CD and if I had had anymore money I would have bought one of everything! They are a cool band, they play cool music, Carol is a way cool girl and we are now diehard Greencards fans!

Friday, July 15, 2011

Bee Duties

Looking good.

We are very lucky to have several friends with larger pieces of property around who have told us we could put our bees out on their acres. Obviously we're limited as to what we can do in our backyard. SO more property is a necessity as our hives keep growing.

Checking it out
Recording bee stuff

Our friend TS let us put the rest of our hives this Spring out by his property near Smith Rock, about 15 minutes away from our house.

Playing on the back of the truck

It became quite an exciting trip out there to visit the bees every week or two. The kids would really enjoy running around the acreage, watching the bees, playing by (but thankfully not in) the canal, calling to the cows in the neighboring pasture....all the easy, fun stuff that kids like to do that make us wish we had our own property.

Running around at our bee boxes

Someday. For now our bees get the luxury.

Our line-up of boxes