Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Anniversary Hike

15 years!

It's pretty much become a tradition now.

Iron Mountain Hike #2

Hiking on our wedding anniversary, which also happens to be July 4th.

Iron Mountain Hike #8

We decided to finally try and tackle the Iron Mountain Hike with the kiddos because we were wanting to see the supposedly spectacular wildflower display this hike is known for...

Iron Mountain Hike #1

we had a great trip up with the kids, who were proving fairly tireless as we hiked around and around but.....

A few wildflowers

..the wildflower display was minimal. We had already waited a few weeks because of the cold start to Spring and Summer, but even still we were ahead of the fabulous display.

Iron Mountain Hike #1

Thankfully that did not stop us from having a good time.

Iron Mountain Hike #1
Iron Mountain Hike #6

Although we were stopped from completely reaching the top overlook by a snow pack! July in Central Oregon! Sheesh!

Iron Mountain Hike #3

Good thing the family time was still time perfectly spent.

Iron Mountain Hike #9


  1. I don't know why this just popped up in my reader, but I thought I'd comment since it did. :)

    OUR anniversary is also the 4th of July and we also traditionally spend it with an annual hike, usually in New Mexico.

    Happy belated (REALLY!) Anniversary! (or happy early! :D)


  2. Thanks Keri! Happy belated to you too!