Thursday, July 7, 2011

MTH Study - Knight at Dawn - Coat of Arms

R's Coat of Arms design

More Magic Tree House study time. This time we've moved onto #2 The Knight at Dawn, a good medieval mystery and a cool research guide too. Of course we went to the Magic Tree House Resource Center and printed out some crossword puzzles and word searches. We also picked up a few things at Enchanted Learning, including a word matching game on knights that the big kids helped Peelu with....lots more good activities there as well.

This web site - Owl & Mouse - had some great links on heraldry too. We read up on how to make our own coat of arms and what all the symbols, shaped and colors meant.

Some fun coat of arms that we designed on the computer

First we followed a generate-your-own-coat-of-arms application and came up with some samples that we created ourselves.

Working on their own coat-of-arms design

R's Coat of Arms

Then we came up with our own, using symbols that were important to us. You can see S's at the very top and R's just above. Fun and interesting stuff!

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