Friday, July 8, 2011

MTH Study - Knight at Dawn - Stained Glass

R's Glass Mosaic

Our next craft project during our Knight at Dawn study session was making stained glass, like medieval churches. Okay, we weren't really making stained glass, but I have been itching to try some of these mosaic tutorials at Glittering Shards. Concetta has some fabulous tutorials on making mosaics with kids.

S starting on his glass mosaic

This tutorial was really easy and actually very inexpensive. Yep, we just used white glue, some old cheap picture frames and some glass gems (you could actually get all of this at the Dollar Store or it's quite likely you already have it on hand.)

S's methodical design

Our friend Big A was visiting and he joined in too. The kids had a great time creating their designs.

Peelu working and singing

Somehow Peelu scored the biggest frame and she got to work.

R's start of her glass mosaic

We let them dry flat for a few days and then....voila..

All three "stained glass windows"

... now they are super lovely sun catchers that we get loads of compliments on...

R's Glass Mosaic
Peelu's Glass Mosaic
S's Glass Mosaic

Oh, and while we were making the mosaics, we decided to make some medieval goblets too. I had picked up some glass wine goblets at the Dollar Store and we glued some glass beads on the outside using E6000 glue.

Working on the "stained glass" projects

We didn't plan so well for this project and our glass beads slid around a lot. But the kids thought they were pretty cool when we finally got them to dry and they use their "goblets" all the time.

Toasting with our medieval goblets

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