Monday, August 1, 2011

Duct Tape Bags

The prototype

We can't help ourselves. We've expanded our duct tape repertoire into bag making.

See my duct tape satchel?

Like my stripey satchel? Check out the myriad of duct tape tutorials on-line or you can get the tutorial for this bag from Kid Made Modern by Todd Oldham (which has lots of uber cool craft ideas).

Using some recycled bubble wrap envelopes we ventured into even more bags. Peelu even used her burly muscles and incredible design sense to make this cute little eclectic tote.

Helping to tear the tape for her bag
Back side of her duct tape bag
Peelu loves her duct tape bag

And after making his wallet, big E went for broke and made this epic Autobot bag with a front design that he spent quite a while on while hand-cutting it.

Big E's Duct Tape Autobot "Man Satchel" #1
The totally cool finished Autobot "man satchel"

Oops, sorry, it's a MAN satchel. Not a bag. My bad. So of course S had to make a MAN satchel too. A Pokemon version.

S working on his man satchel
Up close

And R's very colorful version involved a LOT of duct tape.

Working on the flap of her duct tape bag
R's completed duct tape bag
Showing the inside cover

Phew! We have a bag for every occasion now. And these babies are sturdy!


  1. They look like a great idea, must have a go.

  2. Where is directions for making?

  3. Photos are precious, but could the directions also be included? Thx

  4. all you need is the duct tape my kids,husband,and i make them all the time.

  5. A few people have asked for the instructions. As stated above, the tutorial may be found in the book titled, "Kid Made Modern" by Todd Oldham.

  6. If you use a zip-lock bag for the front and back base, when you put the sides together you have 2 pockets inside.

  7. These are so cool and easy to make.. I love doing this with my grandaughter...

  8. Thanks for the pocket idea and yes, it is a cool and easy project. Enjoy!

  9. Where are the instructions

  10. Soooo...I keep getting people asking me why there are no instructions on this post. I state up above in the post that you can find many tutorials on-line, but I specifically used the directions from the Kid Made Modern book and you will just have to check that out for yourselves. I cannot post instructions from somebody else's book. There are instructions on duct tape bags everywhere nowadays. Think of this post as visual inspiration. :-) Thanks!