Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Our 2011 County Fair Art & Photography Entries

R's Henna HandsR's Photography entries
S's Our Backyard BeehivesS's Pirate Ship
Peelu's Rainbow ChickenPeelu's crayon Kandinsky's Circles

We slimmed down the projects we entered this year. Did you notice? Yeah well, the only reason is that we were going to be out of town during the two hour pick-up your stuff window on the last day of Fair. And if you don't pick up your stuff it gets tossed. EEK! So we had to beg our very good friend to pick up our items and premium checks for us. She also had her two little ones to pick up for too, so we thought we'd keep things "light" and reasonably "flat" this year.

Here are the details:

Peelu's 2011 Deschutes County Fair entries
Peelu entered items in the following categories 4-6 year olds (yep, she jumped up to the bigger kids category this year!!): watercolor (chicken), collage (foil), colored pencils (hearts & flowers), crayon (Kandinsky circles), felt marker (ice cream cone), photography - for the first time (animal-her chicken) and acrylic (her lovely, lovely peacock).

So proud of her Best in Show

She was very proud of her "Best in Show" ribbon for her peacock. Wouldn't you say?

R's 2011 Deschutes County Fair entries
R entered items in the following categories (7-9 years old): acrylic (Frida Kahlo), crayon Theme-carnival rides at night), watercolor (fish), collage (Japanese kokeshi doll), oil pastel mixed media Egyptian pharoah), colored pencil (Jack, our dog), pen & ink (henna tattooed hands), photography (for the first time) - floral, photography nature - bee swarm. She was especially proud of her photographs and now tries to grab my camera all the time.

S's 2011 Deschutes County Fair entries
S entered items in the following categories (7-9 years old):Mixed Media (crayon and watercolor Transformer), acrylic (Warhol pop art version of Jack & Scully), collage (pirate ship), pen & ink (his own invention) , colored pencil (castle), felt marker (our backyard bee hives), photography -for the first time - domestic animal (Scully). You probably noticed that our dogs, particularly Jack, were on the kids' minds this Summer. Sam, especially, sought solace in artwork centered around the dogs. Thank goodness.

My 2011 photography entries...
This year I only entered photographs: Portrait/Character Study, Still Life, Domestic Animal, Last year's Fair, Floral, Animal in nature, Texture, Creative. My photographs of Peelu sure seem to be favorites of the judges. She is pretty cute, I admit.

All in all, more Fair entry nerd-i-ness!!

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